Serving Sparks, Reno and Northern Nevada
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Submit your Design 775-526-3825

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Serving Sparks, Reno and Northern Nevada

Advanced HVAC Ducting Solutions

Optimize your space with our custom-designed HVAC metal fabrication ducts that fit your specific space, timeline and job requirements.

Custom Designed
Metal Signage

Give a gift or enhance your brand with bespoke, eye-catching metal signs designed to make a lasting impression and enhance visibility.

Electrical Dead
Front Covers

Enhance safety and aesthetics with precisely engineered dead front covers, ensuring a seamless fit for your electrical systems.

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Marcial | 13+ Years in Custom Metal Fabrication and HVAC Service

After years in the industry, I understand the unseen challenges that come when you try to collaborate on a custom job. The nature of high-quality duct work means you have to go above and beyond to make something fit just right. I take personal pride in my craftsmanship because I've witnessed firsthand the consequences of not doing it right the first time. I've walked into boiler rooms and opened up closet doors with my jaw wide open, noticing right away where the last guy cut corners.  I've been on the other side too, fully disappointed when contractors and middlemen cut corners on me, failing to keep their word, or just being bad communicators. It sucks to be left in the dark until the end and then notice hidden gaps or issues in the final product.

Compromising the integrity of the installation is just plain wrong — so at Shear Metal Fab, we live up to a new standard. I believe that every piece of duct work, no matter how small or unseen, deserves to be made with the highest level of precision and care. That's why I guarantee that our work is not just done—it’s done right. I stand behind our installations with pride, ensuring that you never have to worry about being misled or given a low grade product. This commitment to excellence isn't just my practice; it's my promise to you.

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State of the Art
CNC Technology

Cuts from 1.5 inches down to 26 gauge

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  • Wait Forever for a Custom Job
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  • Miscommunication with Fabrication Teams

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